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The recent, devastating fires in Southern California have brought unimaginable sorrow, grief and property loss to thousands of families, including some in our own UCR community. To those directly impacted by this disaster, the UCR Staff Assembly offers our deepest condolences. To offer assistance to staff, students and faculty affected, we have created this web site to connect those of you who need assistance with donations and volunteers.

Toward that end, the message board on this web site has been established so that those able to provide assistance can share with others in need. When you post on this message board, your name will remain out of public view. Volunteer members of the Staff Assembly will act as intermediaries to connect those in need with those who can assist or provide specific donations.

In addition, you will find here links to several resources that can provide additional services and information.

If you need assistance now or in the coming months, please contact Cynthia G. Smith, (909) 787-3572,

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